Spiced Nutmeg WaxMelt Donuts

Spiced nutmeg is a rich, spicy, woody aroma, complimented by fresh ginger, winter juniper berries and cardamom seeds, lifted by squeezed Sicilian lemons.


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Spiced Nutmeg WaxMelt Donuts

  • Simply unpack and place your WaxMelt Donut in a wax warmer/burner and follow manufacturer operation instructions.


    Why not buy multiple WaxMelt Donuts and combine to create your very own scents!


    Burn time - Approximately 6 hours per WaxMelt Donut 

    Net Weight - 11g

    Dimensions - 4cm x 1.2cm

  • Orders of less than 14 total melts will be dispatched in a postal box.  Order of 14 or more total melts will be dispatched in a small parcel box.